Frequently Asked Questions

A list of frequently asked questions can be found below. If you have additional questions, please email or call (614) 292-9924.

You may donate via payroll deduction or credit card using ePledge, our online pledging system, or by using a paper pledge form available from your college or department coordinator. Payroll deduction allows you to donate to the campaign each paycheck with your annual pledge spread over the course of a calendar year.

This resource guide lists all the eligible federations and member agencies approved for inclusion in Buckeyes for Charity, along with a brief description that details its services, programs and clients served. Simply find the agency that best meets your giving preference and indicate that code online in ePledge or on the paper pledge form.

If you would like the federation of your choice to allocate your gift where the need is greatest among its many agencies and causes, select the code representing that overall federation. The federations, their codes and descriptions appear at the top of each section of this guide.

Charities have self-identified their area of focus. Listed below is a breakdown of the codes that can be found at the end of each of the charity descriptions:

Area of Focus – Legend
A – Education
B – Health
C – Environment
D – Social Justice
E – Hunger
F – Housing
G – Adult/Senior
H – Youth
I – Animal
J – Public Safety/Disaster Relief
K – Community Improvement
L – Other

You may also contribute a one-time gift, using ePledge (deductible in February 2024), cash or personal check, which must be submitted using a paper pledge form. 

Yes, your ongoing payroll pledge will automatically renew for the 2023 campaign, if no action is taken. Changes can be made by the donor each year.

The percentage of its administrative costs – the portion of donations used for management and fundraising that does not go directly to services, often referred to as overhead. Please keep in mind that administrative percentages vary based on differences in budgets and sources of funding. A higher number may indicate a greater need in some cases.

If you do not designate your gift to specific federation or agency, your donation will be divided among charities according to the percent of total designations received.

You may also make a gift to a qualified, tax-exempt 501(c)(3) health and human services agency located within central Ohio that is not listed in the resource guide. On E-Pledge or your paper pledge form, write in the name, address, phone number, and tax identification number of the agency in the box marked “5. OTHER AGENCY DESIGNATION” and enter the pledge amount in the box above corresponding to #5. A code is not required. (Note: Agencies must meet eligibility requirements of the Campaign Coordinating Agency before designations can be processed. The Buckeyes for Charity team will inform you in the event of an agency’s ineligibility.)

No, only benefit-related items are deducted pre-tax (health insurance, parking, etc).

Payroll deduction pledges collected during this fall campaign, will not be deductible until the following year (these pledges will be collected for the 2024 tax year). If you donated cash or check and submit before December 31, 2023, you may deduct those donations during the 2023 tax year.

ePledge will automatically email a confirmation once your pledge is submitted, please keep that as a receipt for your records, as it will be helpful during tax filing. If you donate using a paper pledge form, make a copy for your records. Each charity receiving donations is asked to acknowledge your gift within the first quarter of the New Year. The IRS does not require charitable organizations to provide written statement for donations under $75.

No, Ohio State does not match donations to Buckeyes for Charity.